Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Becky grew up creating characters, to the amusement (and annoyance) of family and friends.  After a series of laughable attempts at after school sports, she found her home in theatre and never looked back. 

Becky graduated with a degree in Film and Television from Boston University in 2016, with minors in Spanish and Theatre Arts.  Upon graduation, she moved back to Atlanta and worked for two years as operations manager at Craig Miller Productions, a film, television, and video production company.  In this role, she gained valuable behind-the-scenes experience in Georgia's growing film and television market and continued to act on the stage and screen. 

Becky is currently represented by Houghton Talent in Atlanta.  As an actress and artist, she hopes to use her work to empower and give voice to women and girls.  In her view, the purpose of art is to make a tangible difference in the lives of others.